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This site offers readers insights and practical recommendations in the face of the intensifying and invisible effects of digital microwave technology – particularly the various effects of wifi, smart-phones, smart-meters, telecommunication transmitters and much else. We will examine the physical and psychological effects as well as offer a little bit of a look at the spiritual background of our technological culture. The governing question throughout this site is “What can we do?” Various means of protection are described.

Quoting from a lecture “The Nature Of Technology” given by *Rudolf Steiner in 1914 …

“It would be the worst possible mistake to say that we should resist what technology has brought into modern life, – that we should protect ourselves from Ahriman (The dark power that is opposed to life – Ed.) – that we even cut ourselves off from modern life. In a certain sense this would be spiritual cowardice. The real remedy is to make the forces of the soul strong so that they can stand up to modern life.”


*Please Note: In order to bring a meaningful edge and level of insight to postings on this site the body of spiritually valid knowledge given through the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner is sometimes referred to. Rudolf Steiner’s work is presented in the world through what is known as Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science . An unprejudiced reader is unlikely to have difficulty with referrals to Steiner’s rich legacy – however nothing ought to be accepted on the authority of another and in fact all content on this website should be subject to the reader’s own careful thinking and commonsense.