phone1Many of us find it very difficult to be without the use of our phones, laptops and other devices. At the same time many of us are becoming very aware of the probable dangers and thus want to protect ourselves. So a tension develops between the deep and wise part of ourselves where care and commonsense wish to prevail, and that other powerful part of us where habit and superficial needs prevail.

The way forward is certainly not to ditch our devices – but commonsense and care can (and must) prevail so that we defuse the tension by increasing our ability to go gently, prudently and consciously with technology. Let’s look at some of the general and practical ways whereby we can minimize dangers whilst still making use of our device(s).

Here are some general tips …

  • If you aren’t using it – TURN IT OFF! (or at the very least switch to ‘airplane mode’);
  • If it is possible to connect your device to the internet via a cable/cord/wire rather than use no visible connection i.e. wireless, then do so. Laptops should be connected to your modem via an ethernet cable (at least type Cat 6a SSTP) which clips into the ethernet port. It is also possible, with the right adapter fittings to use an ethernet cable for connecting your phone or tablet to the internet. In New Zealand and Australia go to Jaycar Electronics and tell them what you want to do. They have all kinds of adapters and cords;
  • Always switch wifi (WLAN) off in your home when it isn’t being used – especially at night. If your modem doesn’t have an on/off switch for wifi (WLAN) then consider buying a modem that does – otherwise switch the power off to the modem at night;
  • Do not buy, or if you already have, stop using: wireless printers, a wireless mouse, wireless headphones, wireless baby monitors, anything bluetooth, portable household (DECT) phones, etc. The latter can be considered even worse than mobile phones. Make sure connections between devices are corded rather than cordless i.e. wireless.

In all dealings with such things as electricity, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and microwave emissions, please bear in mind the precautionary principle where we assume the worst about something that is suspect until there is sufficient evidence to assume otherwise.

The next post will go into more detail. I will also look at some of the protective tools such as EMR protection pendants, pyramids, orgonite, shungite, along with ‘healthy frequency’ devices.

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