imagesHere is a list of steps you can take to ensure safer mobile phone use …

  1. Instead of talking send a text: Text transmission is quick – normally only seconds. A talking call can go for minutes and thus radiation exposure is for as long as the call takes. You are exposed, the other party to the call is exposed, and to a lesser extent, anyone in your vicinity;
  2. Choose to use a landline: If a landline is available use that instead – but remember that the phone used needs to be the old-type corded phone. The newer cordless house phones are as unhealthy as mobile phones;
  3. If you have to have a mobile phone conversation choose to use the phone’s speaker mode: Hold the phone as far away from your head as possible (or, better, put the phone on a desk or table). You will need to check that the other person can hear you;
  4. Except in an emergency, avoid using your phone when the signal strength is low: The phone has to work harder to connect with the signal and thus increases the emissions that damage health and energy. The same applies when using the phone in a car, train or plane. The device has to work harder and thus sends out a stronger signal. That signal has to be dealt with by your biosystem (which may have quite enough to do already);
  5. Turn your phone off or put it in flight mode unless you are actually using it. Then schedule regular checks to see if a text or voice message has been received. Some check hourly, others less often. Use your phone wisely. Turn it off at night and keep it away from your bed;
  6. Thoroughly research the safety of ear pieces and microphones: Bluetooth is toxic but less so. The air tube headsets are by far the safest. I recommend those available through the New Zealand company Blushield  For their list of overseas distributors please check here and please note that I have no commercial connection with products recommended but I do use several of them.

The products that I currently use and recommend for general use are from the Auckland N.Z. company, Life Energy Designs. They are: the Nu-Me Pendant and the Pyramid Energy Balancer (PeBal)  You can purchase these and other products, including the air tube headsets, directly online wherever you are in the world or from the retailers listed in the directory at  I also use two products from another New Zealand company that’s based in Tauranga. Have a look at their ‘Plug In’ and ‘Portable’ combo deal here:  Their distributor directory is here:  

Here is an excellent infographic related to this post:

In the next post I’ll look at Shungite, Organite and other means of protection including a suggestion from Rudolf Steiner. I will also look at the question: ‘How does EMF protection work – and how can we know if it working for us?’  In the post following the next one – or maybe the one after – it will be time to look at some of the evidence that tells us that there can be no doubt that electromagnetic and microwave emissions from all manner of devices, circuits and transmitters seriously effect biosystems – i.e. the life systems of humans, animals, insects and plants. In some cases this triggers a gradual process of degeneration and in other cases noticeable effects can occur quite rapidly.