transmitSo you’ve invested in some means of EMF protection – but how do you know it works? Is it really protecting you?

If you are aware of existing symptom responses to electromagnetic fields then these should lessen and eventually subside following use of effective EMF protection. If you are electro-hypersensitive (EHS) then you may need to employ various protection means at once. Symptoms should ease to some extent, however many who suffer from EHS may also need to relocate to obtain sufficient symptom relief.

Products in categories 2 and 3 below may need to be kept away from where you sleep as they can be quite energizing. I can wear a shungite pendant at night but not the pendant from Life Energy Solutions (which is great during the day).

You will know that your protection and safety measures are working because you should begin to sleep more easily, have more energy by day, be more relaxed, and you should notice that any symptoms attributed to EMF sensitivity lessen. Keep a journal. Record what is happening. Practice hygienic use of phones, computers and other devices as described in an earlier post.

There are three principal ways in which the various protective methods work …

  1. Direct prevention of the electromagnetic field reaching you;
  2. Neutralization of the electromagnetic field;
  3. Strengthening of the organism so that it is relatively unaffected by the electromagnetic field.

Examples of 1. are the various forms of Faraday Cages which can be as large as a calibrated wire mesh, earthed and built around a room or house or bed, and as small as a mobile phone case. A conductive metal is required.

Rudolf Steiner is said to have described a way that a fabric can be made of peat fibre which will assist direct protection against radiation and other similar hazards. Here is an extensive description:  and here is peat fabric in use:  So clothing and bed covering made from peat fabric is likely to be very useful (but not so good in hot climates!). If you are interested in purchasing some fabric please email Jonatha Hasse

Products based on orgonite and shungite , tend to have a neutralizing effect (2. above). I use both of these substances in various forms and have made my own orgonite in the past but found it very difficult to work with the polyester resin which is necessary for making good orgonite. Shungite is heralded as being sufficiently effective to meet the intensification of EMF radiation as smart-meter and millimeter wave 5G networks are put in place. More about these in future posts. The two links above in this paragraph have excellent products for sale at reasonable prices. The ‘orgonite’ link is at the website of Life Energy Solutions in Auckland, N.Z. They make the P.e.Bal and Pyramid etc. already mentioned in a previous post.

You will find a reasonable description of how orgonite works here. With shungite it’s not so clear how it works – but it does work! Some say that shungite reverses the anti-clockwise direction of toxic fields. This explanation assumes that fields have either an anti- or clockwise spin and that clockwise is compatible with living organisms whereas anti-clockwise fields are not. What I do know is that something is happening around shungite and it is a healthy ‘something’.

Other protection methods (3) strengthen the organism in such a way that the organism responds to the coherent frequencies emitted by the protective device rather than responding to the chaotic frequencies emanating from phones and phone towers, wifi, smart-meters, and electrical wiring (to mention some of the worst). These products tend to be more expensive than those in other categories. There are several types of products available. Blushield, Memon and Symbioceuticals are worth looking at closely. I use Blushield for personal and home protection. I do not have a smart-meter installed and there is no phone tower nearby – however, my neighbors tend to have their wifi switched on day and night.

There is an excellent description of what the Blushield technology is doing to protect the user against electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) here. (If you live in Australia this might be a good website for purchasing a Blushield product.)

For an explanation of how Memon products work there is a good description here. The Symbioceutical products appear to be similar to the Memon products and may be less expensive. There is an excellent description of how the technology works here.

A cost free addition to EMF/EMR protection practices is Earthing. When possible bring your bare feet into contact with real earth. Sit in the sun with your bare feet on the grass. Stay there for at least 15 minutes. Ideally do this a couple of times a day – but only when there is no danger of becoming cold. If you want to really take up earthing then get an earthing mat which can be used inside.

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