Aerial CrossTransmission antennae are everywhere. When they are set up on commercial or public buildings or land it’s likely that a lease or rent amount is being paid to the owners by the telecommunication company. I spied a particularly graceless example right next to a six-lane motorway. I wanted to photograph it but had no camera or phone. I often take my Samsung tablet with me and it has a very modest camera. I had it with me. I parked off the motorway and looked for a clear view of the structure. The image on the left is the result.

Thankfully, antennae on churches and other religious buildings are not common in New Zealand, but in North America and the United Kingdom a significant number of church bodies see the practice as a way to boost parish funds. There has been debate regarding safety but clearly installation has found a way of prevailing in many cases. In New Zealand, perhaps the publicity  around siting cell towers and masts next to schools and kindergartens has helped hold back the antenna tide on public buildings Рat least to some extent.

But be alert. The next generation of mobile phone towers and the accompanying transmission technology is not too far away. It’s called the 5th Generation (5G) and I will be writing about the extreme environmental concern now being voiced world-wide regarding this step from microwave to milliwave transmission and radiation. The telecommunication industry is trumpeting how this milliwave technology is necessary in order to facilitate the new and revolutionary internet of things (IOT). 5G transmitters will need to eventually be placed every 2-300 meters along residential streets everywhere so that the heavily compressed data waves are able to penetrate into homes and buildings. Some commentators report that this millimeter technology has been born within the United States defense establishment. Future posts will try and keep up with what could eventually become a world-wide health catastrophe.