child phoneMany readers of this blog will likely find the following piece from The Australian Business Insider very interesting. The headline is: “This Silicon Valley school shuns technology — yet most of the students are children of tech execs.” Most of the information is in the very short video which I urge you to watch.

Then there is this piece about the children of Bill and Melinda Gates and also Mark Zuckerberg’s children. The headline is: “Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg ban technology for their children but want rest of the world addicted to it.” See the article here.

Some countries are bringing in regulations that limit childrens’ exposure to technology. Most notable is France where recent regulations are now in force to prevent students up to the age of 15 from accessing their phones while at school except in an emergency. Here is the link to the UK Independent news item. (I wish I could use the photo!)

In light of the above I know of one professed Waldorf/Steiner school here in New Zealand that uses a Wifi network rather than a wired network to provide students with internet connectivity whilst at school. Please check such things before you enroll your children at any school. Internet connectivity for older students is fairly necessary these days – but Wifi EMR fields day in and day out for the students, the teachers, and maybe the kindergartners as well (surely not the little children as well!!) is quite difficult for some of us to understand.