Spectrum Diagram

The very short answer to the title of this post is that it’s hard to know for sure – but not impossible to find out. But first we need to know what some of the symptoms and conditions are. If we have any of these symptoms or conditions then we can have a look at our specific EMF environment (and within EMF I’m including the RF and MW bandwidths) and wonder about causality.

Here are some of the symptoms and conditions that are often mentioned in research literature:

Insomnia and other sleep problems – Skin rashes and itching and/or burning sensations – Tinnitus – Difficulty concentrating/Brain fog – Heart palpitations – Muscle and joint pain – Headache – Fatigue – Strange nerve sensations – Memory loss and so on. And then some of the more serious and long term … Lymphoma – Leukemia – Brain tumour – Breast cancer – Melanoma – Autism (see the comment on the last post) – Asthma – Alzheimer’s disease – Autoimmune conditions – Birth defects – and so on.

Obviously the cause of any of the above may be from other sources, however all of the above and more have been found, in a significant number of cases, to correlate to varied exposures to radiation from single or multiple EMF bandwidths.

Do you experience one or more of the above symptoms/conditions from time-to-time or chronically? If yes, then you may wish to investigate the possible cause in your EMF environment. The method may be inconvenient and, within a family environment, unpopular, but you need to find a way of isolating yourself from each EMF source that you identify. There may be several so you would need to prioritize each one and work down the list. If you know that a smart meter is in close proximity to where you sleep, then sleep somewhere else and notice any changes. If you have wifi turned on continuously then start switching it off when it’s not in use – or better still, only use an ethernet corded online connection. Notice any changes. If you use a mobile or smart phone, then severely restrict your use and favor text messaging along with ‘airplane’ rather than ‘live’ mode. If you use, as most do, a cordless house phone (DECT) then I suggest you find an alternative such as one of the old corded phones and use that instead. Is there a change? Also very important is to know where the nearest phone transmission tower is, and also any electricity pylons, sub-stations and street transformers. Those of us who are to any degree sensitive have the option of locating the culprit(s) and then taking reasonable steps to deal with it. For those who are electro-hypersensitive then radical steps may be necessary. However, before getting rid of computers, TV, phones or whatever has been identified as causing the condition it is worth combining a strategy of hygienic use of technology as outlined in this blog and many other online resources, along with specific protection such as the Blushield protective devices already mentioned in a previous post.

The people who can be considered electro-hypersensitive (EHS) are said to comprise around 5% of the population and rising. Some of those who suffer to the point of debilitation know that EHS is the problem and challenge, however many suffer severely but have no idea why. This is partly to do with the fact that the medical profession doesn’t know about it or doesn’t want to know about it. Mainstream and complimentary medical people would be well served by a close study of the document EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

In fact those suffering from EHS are carrying an extremely serious warning. Like the canaries who would warn miners of lethal but odorless mine gas, EHS is a warning to us all. The estimated 5% proportion of the population is growing. Some public health commentators, including a sizable and expanding number of medical and academic scientists are warning that the industry trumpeted 5G transmission technology that is nearing almost unopposed and untested ‘roll-out’ will be the proverbial back-breaking straw. In other words, there is a mounting risk of a health catastrophe that will out-do tobacco, asbestos, DDT and the rest of them combined. We were ignorant, for the most part, of the former health catastrophes at their onset. This can no longer be said. It’s time for a rapid and radical move to development and implementation of healthy technology whilst invoking a World-wide moratorium on all further untested and unproven technologies that utilize EMF bandwidth in order to function. That would really be ‘smart’! But how? Any suggestions? Any comments?