cropped-logo3.jpgA friend recently asked me about meditation in relation to EMF radiation (which includes radio-frequency radiation (RF) and radiation from power lines and wiring). I told him that I would respond by way of a blog post as it could well be that there are others interested in this area of enquiry. So here goes, – and please remember that what you read here is an expression of one person’s experience and perspective. The idea is for you to be stimulated, and perhaps inspired by some of what you might read here, and then to look at these things from your own perspective and experience and to move forward from there.

In a previous post I mentioned my impression that meditation in the 21st Century is more difficult to carry out satisfactorily than in the previous century. I would go so far as to assert that, generally speaking, human thinking is becoming increasingly clouded and unsteady, human feeling – also increasingly unsteady, and human will is becoming weaker. I believe that meditation requires strong and steady thinking, feeling and willing. Thus, many of us, before seriously taking up meditation need to find ways to steady and strengthen these three essential soul faculties. A good place to start is with the six soul strengthening exercises that can be found here .

I understand that there are numerous environmental factors that weaken human soul faculties. These include degradation of food and water through poor soil management, additives (including fluoride), genetic modification, chemical spraying, general denaturing and processing of food, many pharmaceutical medicines, – and the one that some researchers are saying is increasingly the most dangerous of all: electrical/magnetic/ microwave radiation. A notable aspect of the latter category is that we have little or no choice with regard to our exposure to it. We can choose to only eat organically produced food. We can choose to obtain and drink fluoride free water, and we can choose to use homeopathic and naturopathic medicines. We CANNOT choose to be free of EMF radiation except in our own home (and then we may have exposure from our neighbor’s home(s). Most commercial and non-commercial spaces are now saturated with Wifi radiation. With 5G there will likely be a direct assault on our homes from small-cell transmission arrays sited on the street outside our home. Where does this leave us in terms of pursuing a path of meditation?

Beyond strengthening our soul faculties as mentioned above, our ability to satisfactorily meditate starts with the wish, intention and practical knowledge to do so. But as you likely know, meditation is a movement in time rather like the progression of the seasons or the movement of the planets. It is not a static thing. It demands devoted and willing rhythmic application that is reasonably devoid of being carried by habit. It needs to be willed freshly on every occasion. It needs to be sustained. But when we are subjected to assaults on our physiologic or psychologic well-being, it becomes very difficult to sustain a freely willed meditative journey. Our vital energy is drawn towards resisting the assault. We may be unaware of what is happening. Yet we know that something isn’t quite right.

Assuming the main assault factor is EMF radiation – and I believe that it is in many situations, then regarding meditation, we need to consider our own inner and outer environment in relation to the actual sources and actions of that radiation. Some individuals are so sensitive to these radiation fields that the effects are painfully obvious. Most of us are fortunately less sensitive but nevertheless we may still be significantly affected – and probably without being aware of it. The problem is that we can’t normally sense EMF radiation. So we can best deal with it by taking a precautionary approach and assume its presence. (Best of all is to have access to a measurement device. I recently purchased this highly recommended meter: ) Normally, as we implement safeguards then we experience individual changes. Our sleep may improve. Also our energy, skin tone, frequency of headaches or whatever. We may even experience our ability to think strengthening, and we are more likely able to take up a task and maintain it through to completion. What may be happening is that our vital energy is being relieved of the burden of protecting us from the assault and thus it becomes available to serve our good health, inner coherence, meditation and so on.

The actual methods of mitigating exposure to EMF radiation are covered in other posts as well as links within those posts. We can do a lot through being awake and aware in the way that we use phones, computers, wifi, appliances, TV and so on. We can also support our own energetic response through protective technology such as Blushield and Shungite. An essential is to strengthen our connection with living reality i.e. our natural environment and the life within it along with a feeling for the space above us that reaches out to encompass the planets and the stars. Are we aware of the current phase of the moon? Can we begin to find our way into sensing our soul and spiritual environment? What about our own inner system – the beating of our heart and the pulsing of the blood – the rhythm of our breathing – the colour of our mood – the feeling of life flowing through and around us, and so on.

In essence we live with technology by strengthening and standing upon our sense of living reality whilst recognizing the deadening forces which are an essential part of modern technology. Otherwise we are faced with the danger of going under. Meditation, prayer, contemplation and other spiritually oriented deeds provide the balance, not only for our own inner coherence, but as a contribution to the situation within which we find ourselves at this very interesting and challenging time of human and earthly evolution.

That’s as far as I seem to be able to go with this subject at the moment. Here is an excellent article by Dr. Markus Osterrieder for readers who would like to go a little further with the topic …