Dancing4ArtHere’s how to protect your eyes from artificial blue light from screens (computer, laptop, phone, tablet, iPad, TV etc.) and household lights – and why you need to.

Light forms part of the electromagnetic spectrum along with x-rays, infra-red rays, microwaves and so on. Blue light has a very short wavelength and has been shown to have the capacity to damage eyes. This is especially the case with artificially generated light as from digital screens, TV and all LED screens, fluorescent lights and normal light bulbs – especially as they move away from the traditional incandescent bulbs into energy saving bulbs.

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of screens and under artificial light. Screens are the worst offenders. If you have young eyes you might not notice the effects. The worst component of screen light is artificial blue light which can likely be causing runny eyes, tired eyes, and significantly contributing to degeneration of the eyes. Blue light is also known to interfere with the hormonal activity which governs waking and sleeping. Thus artificial blue light may well be a significant cause of sleep disturbances of all kinds. Blue light has a strong subliminal flicker.

As I type this post I’m wearing my reading glasses and a pair of fit-over blue light blocking glasses. I now wear these for any extensive time by day in front of the computer, and all the time in the evening until lights out time for bed. I don’t wear them in sunlight as we need full spectrum natural light, however I do wear normal sun-glasses when driving in very bright conditions. The fit-overs are quite large in order to fit-over normal spectacles and they are comfortable although I sometimes need to adjust them for comfort. Mine are best if the arms are sitting above rather than on the ears. I’ve had them for only a few days but it’s clear that my sleep problems are now much less and I can also notice a good difference in the quality and mood of my dreams. My eyes no longer ‘run’ as they sometimes did from computer screen viewing.

For readers who watch television: you will find that the screen picture is much warmer and richer. I’ve been re-watching ‘Downton Abbey’ and I have to say that the visual difference is amazing. Blue sky does tend towards green and nature green becomes greener but we don’t get a lot of ‘sky’ on TV so it’s not a big deal. You’ll certainly be struck when you compare the blue light screen with the filtered screen. The impression is cold and washed out versus rich and warm. Try it. Your eyes will only benefit.

This blog does not have any commercial connections. I purchased the Blue Blocker Fit-over glasses from an Australian site here. You will find some good information on the same site here.