A lot of thoughts were sparked when I watched the short 4’20” video link below. Here is an older person who has something to say – and who decides she is going to say it to the best of her ability. She knows a thing or two. She knows that quite a few of those who work in Silicon Valley, and the associated industry elsewhere,  are aware of the impact of digital technology on young people. So they take steps to protect their own children. Elon Musk is one such person she mentions. Several send their children to Waldorf Schools because they are known to be low tech in the interest of the safety of the children and the staff. And here I have a question …

If you teach at a Steiner/Waldorf school or send your children to such a school, how well have you checked out whether the internet is accessed via WiFi? If students are able to access the internet without the need to physically plug a cable into their laptop then the school is providing WiFi – and that has significant health and safety implications. I know of one such school where students connect to the internet by WiFi. Please ask questions. WiFi is invisible and the equipment may be hidden in a cupboard and/or in classroom ceilings.

Another issue concerns student use of mobile phones during school time. Are phones permitted at school? Emissions from phones that are switched on are a probable source of electro-magnetic radiation – especially when actively sending and receiving.

I admire the person in the video. She has spoken out in an attempt to get something done. Are there actions that you could be taking regarding this issue? (Beyond what you might already be doing.)