5G ready

Vodafone NZ has just announced they will start 5G transmission at the end of 2019. The initial networks will be set up in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.


What actually do Vodafone NZ mean by 5G – and what are they actually announcing?

I read the following article and it gives a perspective of what companies are hyping up under the banner of 5G. Worth reading if you are concerned about being clear about what is actually going on: https://tinyurl.com/y3crdv4v

Please note: As far as I know, the NZ Government department ‘responsible’ for the issue of band spectrum has not yet issued any portions of the millimeter wave part of the spectrum. Currently our phone companies are transmitting in the microwave part of the spectrum. That’s bad enough. As you might have read in a previous post, the millimeter wave band is not straightforward to operate within – and it brings in a whole host of extra health concerns. Clearly the individuals behind this wanton use of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum have no concern about the potential health hazards even though they must surely be aware of them.