Spirit Strength

Perspectives inspired by Rudolf Steiner and others regarding the challenges of the 21st Century.

About Kevin

saintkevinNamed after the Irish patron saint of blackbirds, St. Kevin, I was for a time the friend and custodian of a tame blackbird, ‘Bob’ whom I faithfully fed and occasionally conversed with. Sadly Bob was set upon by the neighbor’s cat and is no longer with us. I sometimes hear his generous and sweet song sounding through the trees.

This blog is an expression of my concern for the vitality and viability of us all, including the birds, the bees, and the trees, as we figure out how to deal with the increasing and intensifying pervasiveness of invisible electromagnetic and microwave radiation.

As a bee was recently reported as saying: “If we have to go – we’re taking you with us!”

I hope you find this blog useful.


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